bowBirds of Wonder is an engrossing and heartbreaking first novel. Detective Murder Mysteries are not my usual fare. However, there are always exceptions to the rule, and this was definitely one of those exceptions. The body of a beautiful teenage girl is found in the field of a prominent Child Services lawyer by her theater teacher, and thus begins Birds of Wonder. The story is told from the points of view of the six main characters, each with their own chapters, and each is introduced in such a way as to build the mystery, main story and backstory with just a slow enough climb that you want to see what’s next. The writing is succinct and each voice is clearly different. What I enjoyed most about this novel was that the authors medievalist and ornithological expertise is well woven into the story, adding unique symbolism and interest to a murder mystery. At turns poignant and disturbing, this is a novel that explores the darkest edges of the human mind and heart, what we don’t see (or more accurately, what we ignore) and is a story not soon forgotten. I absolutely recommend this book! Available February 20th, 2018 from (I am not affiliated!)

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